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Fishy fishy fishy

So, Mike, my brother from another mother flew 2500 miles to come visit me and my husband before he ships out and we just so happen to share an affinity for vandalism so, we had an adventure.

So after imbibing some corporate liquid courage (we're really too poor to have morals) we were out on our way. First we placed some stickers on a strategically placed stop sign and oven in the middle-of-nowhere-Hawaii, it was however too dark to get pictures. If I drive by that way again, I'll take a picture.

But I digress, eventually, somehow...we made it to Waikiki.

This right here is a GIANT TAXADERMIED FISH!!! That's right, a taxadermied was once real, not anymore, now it's...stuffed....It's huge, it's like 30 feet long or something insane like that and it hangs above the Maritime museum. The original plan was to paste the sticker on the pirate ship in the harbor but we couldn't reach it so...stuffed fish it is.

This we pasted this one up on the inside of an elevator after infiltrating The Royal Hawaiian. Just to make things difficult, we did it while the elevator was full of tourists. It's amazing what people refuse to notice when there's a guy with a mohawk in the room.

We did this on the bottom floor of the Big Kahuna. A horribly creepy (in that Barnum and Bailey meets a 1980s arcade sort of way) shopping center on The Strip of Waikiki. The whole bottom floor is a stage where there are nightly "polynesian" dances, it's surrounded by a Pizza Hut, a McDonalds, a Taco Bell and of course...Starbucks. How very Polynesian!

This one was done right across the street from the police station...we were taking a picture right as the cop stopped us.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking a picture of this sticker!" I couldn't stop smiling. Mike looked like he was going to explode.

"Did you put this up?"


"Oh really?"


"What if I said I saw you put it up?"

"I swear that I didn't."

"You know that's vandalism?"

"Yes officer."

"Take it down."

"Yes officer."

Also, for future reference. We also found out that cops are NOT allowed to hold any stickers or be in any pictures without going through a TON of red tape otherwise they could get into a lot of trouble and unless you really hate the cop, don't do it.

This is on a statue of Queen Liliuokalani ( in the middle of Honolulu, I thought it was suitable. :D

Anyway, that's it for Hawaii, maybe once I get back to California, I'll find some more interesting places to put stickers. </lj>

I'm a little disappointed that more people didn't join the community or just haven't posted pictures. I was so excited to see where people would put these. But oh well, thank you to those of you that did. It's not my fault that they suck. We still rock. lol.
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