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So you say you want a revolution?


The livejournal community "Sticker Nation" is in no way affiliated with Stickernation.com. Stickernation.com and Srini Kumar are in no way responsible for the actions of the users in this community. Our actions are ours and ours alone.

Why Stickers?

"Stickers cut through the attention clutter of modern society. Stickers transform household objects into advocates for your idea. Turn a bike into a megaphone against imperialism or vice; make your refrigerator a source of positive affirmation. Stickers break the monopoly that mass media pretends it still holds. Stickers are a form of ventriloquism: things can speak. The concept of broadcast stickering-- not just having one for yourself but giving them out to your friends-- is what StickerNation is all about...Stickers help people remember; they keep repeating your message until they're worn out or torn down. The result can be a slow diffusion of the message into the mental environment surrounding it; the shape and nature of the space may change."

-Srini Kumar, Sticker Nation

What the hell are you guys about?

The object of this particular community is somewhere between a competition to see who can find the most creative place to put a sticker and spreading relatively subversive ideas. Though, giving this thing an object totally takes away all the fun. We just take ideas and put 'em places.

So, you guys are all about stickers?


That's cool, I guess.

Damn skippy.

So, can I join?

Of course you can join! You don't even have to fill out a survey or post every day like some communities will make you do! We do ask though that you post at least once though, or at least comment. Oh and we ask that you please, PLEASE follow the rules!

What are the rules?

Well there's a whole list of them. If you forget or have any questions, feel free to refer to these at any time or eMAIL me or if you're feeling bashful, message me on my journal, it's at the top of the journal.

1. Be respectful! What is being respectful? Treat others how you would want to be treated. Do unto others and all that...Basically, think about it this way. If you don't want to be called an idiot. Don't call someone else an idiot. Someone has an idea that you don't agree with? Fine! Argue, but be nice, dammit.

2. No Promoting! This means, stickers promoting bands, stickers promoting brands, stickers promoting people, places, things or any other nouns (ie: No AFI stickers, no Starbucks Stickers, No Cheney stickers, no I <3 NY stickers, no Fender stickers). The only things I want to promote in this community are ideas.

3. No posting stickers that you haven't put there yourself. I know there are some really cool stickers out there in really cool places and it's really easy to take pictures of those. But this is meant to be a challenge. It's not really fair to the rest of the people in this community are posting pictures of things that they did and here you are posting pictures of things that other people did.

4. Keep it to stickers. Street art is an awesome way to spread a message. Stencils and such are great but there are plenty of other communities out there to post street art. This one is about stickers.

5. Be creative!!! Okay, it's easy to put a bumper sticker on a bumper. I'm not asking that you stick these things in the most offensive place possible but c'mon show a little effort, there's objects everywhere that can become the proverbial "megaphone against imperialism", no cars. Please.

Okay, I know I said that you don't have to fill out a survey, but seriously...make an effort to tell us a little about yourself. Here's something to get you started if you're having a hard time:

Name: (or what you like to be called)
Which Part:
Tell us something about yourself (it can be anything you want)